Who We Are

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What Will You Do

You will be responsible for building entire features of the platform, back end, and front end (node / react / next). Like any startup, the product is still forming and evolving, which means you will have the opportunity to help define specific features and solutions to real problems. Think of it as a CRM (simplified version of Hubspot) with a knowledge-sharing platform (à la Notion) with parts of flow chart generation (à la Miro), a monitoring platform (à la Chartio), and a generator of sandboxed simulation environments. We know this is a lot and this is our long-term vision, we are starting with a small MVP now.

As an early employee, you will also play a critical role in setting up the engineering culture and principles of the company.

We use Typescript across the entire stack, and in a near future, we’ll be extending the platform with automated simulation environments, on which sandboxed systems that connect multiple services (other SaaS tools) will need to be spun up.

We are a team of 12 people right now, 5 of them in the product team: 2 product managers, 2 UX/UI, and 5 engineers, but we are looking to grow this quickly in the next few months. 2 of our developers are external contractors, and we are looking to build a team of full-time employees soon. This is a good opportunity to have an impact on a project and experience a company being built.

Our headquarters are in California, but the product team is based in Barcelona (though we’re 100% remote).

Your Responsibilities

What are we looking for?